The Hudsons

The Hudsons

The Hudson family shares their story of faith and love in the wake of losing a teenage son to suicide

Hugh and Karen Hudson have a mission: remove the stigma attached to the subject of mental health, depression and teen suicide among Christians. Because of this cultural stigma, teens and their families are often reluctant to address these very serious subjects head on. Left uncared for, mental health issues can turn fatal. Such was the case with their youngest son, Michael, who at the age of 19, took his own life.

The Hudsons remain strong in their faith and are dedicated to encouraging families to confront these issues directly, without fear or ignorance. “There’s a lot of education that needs to get out there,” Karen Hudson tells us. “The stigma attached to this is so strong. It’s seen as a weakness, if you seek mental help. We hope to end that.”

Indeed, professionals agree that if your teens show any of the signs of depression, one question you should ask is, “Have you been having any thoughts of hurting yourself?” This will not give your teen any ideas as is commonly thought. It just might however, begin what could be the most important conversation you could have with your teen.



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