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We’re providing gas cards to hospitals to help cancer patients get to and from their treatments. You can help!

With just a few clicks of the mouse you can provide help directly to a family dealing with cancer.

We asked the oncology social workers of several cancer centers in southeast Michigan what was the most pressing needs of their patients. In other words, what could we provide right now that would make the most difference right away. They all responded with the same two words: “Gas Cards!”

“We have patients who can’t afford to get back and forth to treatments at our hospital,” said Linda Caudry-Bess, director of social work at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI.  ”They have treatable cancers and small children at home depending on them getting better, but they are missing treatments because of the price of gas.”

The New Day Foundation is stepping in to provide gas cards for anyone who needs it. We ned your help. Please offer a gift of any amount by clicking the DONATE NOW button on the left. In just a minute or two you will have made a direct impact on a family dealing with cancer. After you’ve made your donation we hope you will use the power of email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to share this program with everyone you know.

Thank you!

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