Activities for Grieving Kids


After his Dad died, 7-year-old Michael said he had “lots of feelings all mixed up inside.” Some days, he felt angry and wanted to throw his Legos all over his room. Other times, he felt lonely and quiet and could sit by the window watching the rain fall for an hour. There were days he felt guilty and wished he could have done something to help his dad.  At times, he forgot about his dad for a little bit and felt happy about something, like winning at Nintendo or getting his allowance money.

There are many feelings that we have when someone dies. It’s different for everybody. There is no right or wrong way to feel. It’s okay if you cry and it’s okay if you don’t cry. You may feel sad or angry or shocked or confused or nothing at all. You may hurt in your body or feel dizzy or tired. All feelings are normal.

Here are some things you can do to help you express your feelings.

activity 1:  finish the sentences

Finish the following sentences.

The thing that makes me feel the saddest is …..

If I could talk to the person who died I would ask….

Since the death my family doesn’t….

My worst memory is….

If I could change things I would….

One thing that I liked to do with the person who died was…

When the person died I….

Since the death my friends….

After the death, school….

When I am alone….

Is there anyone you want to share this with?

activity 2: drawing

Find a piece of paper and fold it in half. On one side, draw a picture of your family before the death. On the other side, draw a picture of your family after the death. You might want to share your picture with someone who would understand.

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