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There was so much raw emotion in the book, not only with the loss of Matt and Cathy, Matt’s amazing faith, but also with Mike’s relationship with his dad. I believe this story will resonate with so many people. I have already been talking to friends about this book – this is an AMAZING story. I could’t put the book down – totally abandoned the family until it was finished!”

The story stayed in my heart and mind (and resurfaced in conversation) for the next several days. You know its a good book when you are driving and you begin zoning out thinking about the story.”

The Color of Rain is authentic, beautiful, and redeeming. The Spehns are heroic–they bravely tell a personal story so that God will be glorified by it.  They open up the reader into the pain of the unimaginable, and yet God takes their heartbreak and brings it to such beauty and healing.  It’s a book about second chances.  Gina and Michael are people living restoration with God–loving again after loss.”

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