Thirteen Years of Marriage, Seven Years Later…

Matt had a theory about how to tell if an album was good. “You have to listen to tracks three and seven,” he’d say. “It’s Biblical.” According to Matt’s theory, if tracks 3 and 7 are worth the time it takes to listen, the album is usually pretty good. It’s entirely subjective and unproven, but it worked for him. Matt would say, “In the Bible, three and seven are symbols of completeness or perfection” and that was it. That was Matt’s simple rationale for determining if an album was worth keeping. Given that he had over 1,200 CD’s at the time of his death, I seriously question how often he employed his own theory! Regardless, to this day, I still listen to track 3 and 7 of every album I buy or think about buying. This is the quirky stuff that sticks with me after seven years without him. These are the unique and precious qualities of Matt Kell that captivate my thoughts. These are my personal treasures, the little things, uniquely Matt, that I tuck away in my mind. But there are a host of treasures, many still undiscovered, that are more universal in nature.
I miss him. It hurts deep. He is with me every day. Our boys epitomize him. Our foundation memorializes him and ensures his beautiful legacy. And daily, I make new discoveries through every experience I shared and didn’t share with him. Glorious transformation! Beauty from ashes. This is why I write. This is why I speak publicly. Perhaps my clarity can be a catalyst for you.
A treasure is defined as “a concentration of riches, often one which is considered lost or forgotten until being rediscovered.” Relationships, especially marriages, are filled with buried treasures that can remain undiscovered, smothered in our desire to win, take one another for granted, and hold fast to our expectations. But when a relationship is rocked by tragedy, severed by death, it’s breathtaking and even suffocating to see what’s been hiding right before our eyes. Clarity rips through the veil of pride and fear. Why couldn’t I see it before cancer? Perhaps worse yet, even when I could see it, why didn’t I appreciate it?
My reflections and remembrances about my life with Matt before he died, and since, deeply influence every relationship I have today. Losing him has given me new eyes through which to see this beautiful life. It’s been a solitary and personal expedition (with Christ), yet I deeply desire to share my riches with as many people as will listen. My life with Matt was filled with many treasures, yet many were buried deep or even undiscovered until cancer and death unveiled them. I have regretted the circumstances that became the catalyst for transformation in me. I would have preferred that I had actively consumed myself with the pursuit of being a better wife and mother, sister and friend, before such tragedy entered my life, but sometimes it’s the people who think they know the most who often require the most refining! Through my experiences, I have gained some fresh insight. I do not pretend to have all the answers, but I am answering a call to get back to writing. It is my hope that I can offer nourishment to those who hunger for a better life, better marriage, better self. Christ fed 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish. Anything is possible!
I hope you will join me as I spend the coming months seeking purpose in the every day, using my relationships and experiences, past and present, to draw upon. I hope you will engage here and comment freely. This is your blog, a community of friends who can call on one another for answers. I’m looking forward to what 2013 will bring to each of us.
Thanks for remembering Matt with me, celebrating his life and rejoicing in the birth of a Savior who brings clarity and purpose to every relationship and circumstance in our lives.

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14 thoughts on “Thirteen Years of Marriage, Seven Years Later…

  1. i have great memories of you and matt together and i hold them dear. i look forward to reading more of what God is stirring in you through your experiences. write on! love you.

  2. This is beautiful Gina. I have fond memories of you and Matt. In fact whenever hear a Prince song I think of Matt. I think your call has already been answered. I look foward to reading more of your writing. All my love.

  3. thanks so much Gina. God has definitely given you a gift to write and touching the lives of others .

  4. Gina, I’m visiting friend right now who lost her husband on Easter Sunday 2012. We sat up last night discussing some of the very things you describe in your blog article today. Thank you for your openness to express the pain and the issues you still deal with as well as the joy and blessings that come even during the suffering. Ileana

  5. This is beautiful Gina, simply beautiful. Writing soothes my soul as well. I find the creative process of writing connects me with The Lord in ways I would never experience otherwise. Thank you for sharing your hurts, the wounds, the beauty. As your reader I can see Christ in a new way today. Thank you

  6. As always Gina, beautifully said. Your writing as always amazed me. You are so wonderful at it. Blessings and Good Luck with it all.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing so many of your thoughts and heart. It truly makes a difference. I cannot wait until your next book. Through you and your writings it truly changed my heart and way of thinking because we as well were in the midst of the cancer turmoil and still going through sickness and your writings are so encouraging not not miss the things that matter instead of getting caught up in the midst of all going on. I thank you

  8. Dear Gina: Write on my beautiful sister in Christ. GOD knowledge and refining at its best. It is so wonderful that the Lord has given you new eyes through your life experience and relations with Matt. God can take things that hurt and seem not so nice and turn them around for HIS GLORY. Continue to be HIS VOICE for others. What you have shared has touched me and stirred me and will be a part of a NEW me that I am working on. I will be praying for you in every day that passes as you continue to share and give your most private thoughts to others. God Bless You and YOUR FAMILY! Love, Lynda