Good Word for the Day: March 3, 2012


There’s no question of the danger of walking in the dark. There’s no question about the difficulty blind people have in making their way on unfamiliar paths. What’s less clear, but just as dangerous, is what happens when people with no spiritual vision try to make their way in the world. The truth is people stumble, find it difficult to find their way and worst of all –  people cast off restraint; run amok, people die! This is what Proverbs 29.18 says. Where there is no “vision”/ no “prophetic vision” people separate and move according to what’s best – only for them.

This is why it is critical to have clarity of vision – to know what Light illuminates; to know what God says. This is why it is important for heads of family and heads of state to be clear. This is why it is important for Christians to clearly proclaim God’s Word. God’s Vision brings clarity, boundaries and order – and people – all people are blessed by it! With a vision the people parish. With a vision people thrive!  For more, visit

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