Good Word for the Day: March 24, 2012


Picture yourself standing in front of the mirror in the privacy of your bedroom or your bathroom. As you stand there naked, what do you see? Who do you see? How does it make you feel? It’s very likely most of us will be “insecure” about what we see. Except for the small percentage of finely tuned athletes who have been downing protein drinks after weightlifting, most of us will see someone is too “something…” Too old. Too fat. Too small up there. Too large up there. Too…insecure. Although the mirror may indeed illustrate the need for less of somethings and more of other things, it doesn’t show us the reflection we see when we look into the mirror of God’s perfect love for us. That is the mirror of God’s grace, God’s perfect love for us. What we see when we look into this mirror is our self from God’s perspective, from God’s point of view, through the eyes of his love for us. Yes, his love may indeed say we need to have more of this or less of that – but always in a context of complete acceptance and complete and perfect love. In fact, that grace-full glance actually equips us for change rather than drive us to cover up or look for quick fixes. Psalm 16 says that security comes from the Lord’s Presence. God’s Presence provides a sense of well being and security in where you are going! When you know all that, when you are all of that – you are gifted with “security.” For more, visit

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