Good Word for the Day: April 7, 2012


There’s two kinds of waiting. The first can drive you crazy. The second can give you peace. The first kind can be a waste of time. The second kind of waiting is a great investment of time. The first kind of waiting is the kind that happens in traffic jams, at traffic lights and in long lines. This is the result of too many people in one place at one time. It usually has the effect of eating away at patience and raising things like blood pressure or anger levels. The second kind of waiting is actually designed to give you peace – not take it away. It’s actually a gift from God and not the result of overcrowding.

This is the waiting that St. Paul speaks of in Romans 8.25 “But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.”

The word that Paul uses for “wait” is a complex word in the original Greek language rich in nuance. It implies acceptance. It denotes a readiness to receive. It intricately weaves together a readiness to accept a gift from God with a sense of anticipation. This is the waiting the original 12 disciples had to learn on this Saturday after the crucifixion and before Easter. Jesus himself converted it by his appearance, his presence. The disciples gathered together in fear and frustration waiting to be prosecuted by the same people that executed Jesus. Instead Jesus appeared and their waiting was for more blessing, more courage, more power from God. In that appearance Jesus converted waiting from something that drives you crazy to something like waiting to open a gift. It’s a lot more like the child’s anticipation of Christmas morning and a lot less like long lines adults form to buy a ticket. In fact, waiting for God is now like waiting with God for the next good thing! That’s God’s idea of waiting. For more information visit me at

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