Favorite Things

Last Saturday on our radio show, we asked “What are your favorite things?”

Our Morning Roundtable guests joined us and shared some of their favorites. (You can discover their answers here.)

We really hope we can hear from you. This is an opportunity to bless others with your experiences and wisdom… and have a little fun in the process!

Below is a list of mine:

So there you have it… Your turn!

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Things

  1. LINE FROM A MOVIE : A TIE: “Someday’s you win, somedays you lose, someday’s it rains”. (Bull Durham) and…..I’ll hit you so hard it will kill your whole family” ( Diner) .
    BIBLICAL CHARACTER (OTHER THAN JESUS): Don’t know any….but I’ve been to Antioch. Not a good experience.
    STREET, ROAD OR BOULEVARD IN THE WORLD: The road leading to the boat launch at Lake of the Woods Ontario Canada.
    SPORTING EVENT: Husker Football
    MEAL (TO PREPARE OR EAT): Patti’s chicken pot pie. Wicked good.
    MATERIAL GIFT YOU’VE RECEIVED: Great grandfather’s pocket watch
    HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY: Bus ride after winning the city championship senior year. ODOR: Lilacs growing wild in the alley.
    CLICHE: ???