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Huge response to this topic about kids and cursing. It seems to be everywhere. The Supreme Court is now hearing a case about cursing and nudity on TV. Should more cursing be allowed on broadcast television? We are only talking about NBC, ABC and CBS (plus Fox). Cable TV already operates outside the boundaries of the FCC and their standards and practices regarding obscenity. On any given TV in America, anyone can turn the channel and hear these words. On broadcast TV however, we hear a “bleep” tone instead. However, are we kidding ourselves? We all know the word being said. Our brains plug in the word so the “offense” (if you are offended) is accomplished whether we actually hear the articulated word or not.

Should we allow the free market to take care of this? It seems as though the people who are at the forefront of “less government” – the conservative movement – is also the ones championing MORE regulation of TV, movies and music. Do we trust the free market or not? If we need government protection from bad words on TV, why is it we don’t need that same protection in other areas of our lives?

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Parents, kids & privacy. Is there such a thing as a kid’s “right to privacy”?

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