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Former President Jimmy Carter joined our broadcast for an interview about his new book, Through the Year with Jimmy Carter, available from Amazon and bookstores everywhere. The conversation quickly turned to politics and the role that faith plays in a president’s life.

We asked President Carter about how his faith lead him to embrace a “liberal” brand of politics as opposed to many Christians who consider themselves conservative. His answer was a simple one: “I worship the Prince of Peace. As president we never dropped bombs on people or missiles… As I look around at the GOP debates going on right now, so many are ready to go back to war. I consider that against the teachings of Christ.”

This is an interesting perspective. A literal following of Christ. When it came to his role as president he found himself oath-bound to protect and defend. In specific situations, obviously the Iran Hostage Crisis comes first to mind, he chose to try and negotiate through back channels and not send in the military. (Until finally ordering the ill-fated rescue attempt months later.)

Can a president be president and still follow the teachings of Christ to the letter?

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Author of the award-wining blog, PointsAndFigures, Jeff offers expert analysis of the economic and political landscape in America today.

Jeff had much to offer this week – some of it controversial as he made the case that America was not founded on Judeo-Christian values but rather on Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations (as well as Greek and Roman Republics). Jeff blogged extensively about it here.

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