Your Family Matters with Michael & Gina Original Air Date: January 21, 2012


ABC News reports that an Italian man is divorcing his wife because he discovered she cheated on him. Not exactly big news you say? True, except that the man is 99 years old, his wife is 96 and they’ve been married for 77 years! The real kicker is that she cheated on him once, 66 years ago! He accidentally found old letters talking about the affair and he immediately filed divorce papers. (By the way, the two went on to have 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.)

It begged the question on our show… “Would you want to know?”




Gina stated that bygones were bygones and that she would not want to know about the affair. “What is gained by finding out,” she said.

Michael took the opposite point of view. “I want to know,” he said. I want to be trusted with the information. I’m not going to go off the deep end. I will be hurt but then I will look to try and save the marriage.

Callers were divided. Most thought they did not want to know. One asked, “Why did she keep those letters for so long?” Interesting…



Author and marriage counselor, Leslie Vernick joined the show in the second half hour.

Leslie Vernick went on to talk about “Love Atrophy” when couples seem to become bored in their relationship. Unreasonable expectations often lead those couples to simply separate. She offers couples the following things to do if they feel like their drifting apart:

  • Listen Carefully. One of the best gifts we can give someone we love is our full attention.
  • Love Intentionally. Sometimes we don’t feel like acting lovingly. We should be intentionally loving toward our spouse during these times as well.
  • Have Fun. Silly, little moments together go a long way toward building intimacy.

For more from Leslie Vernick visit her Web site here.



Pastor Karl offers his weekly feature “The Good Word for the Day”. Today he talks about the “head of the household”.

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One thought on “Your Family Matters with Michael & Gina Original Air Date: January 21, 2012

  1. Would you want to know?

    It takes alot of courage and an immense trust to be able to tell your partner news like this. I think the initial reaction is the hardest and very difficult at first. However the hiding of information and having to find out on your own that your spouse was involved in something else is more painful than honesty. This creates a whole new issue of trust and sharing. Having an open communication with your spouse makes that bond strong and in most cases prevents the whole situation from the get go. From personal experience the trust is a much greater issue than infidelity.