I’ll Be Here

Back in October, radio host and author Hugh Hewitt had Gina and I on his program. In the middle of the interview he asked us to listen to a song he had only just heard the night before. I thought he would play us a few bars and cut it off. Instead he played the entire song. Halfway through I began to tear up and Gina had to remove her headphones because it was so moving she couldn’t listen anymore.

People ask us (Hugh did as well), how can you move on and love again? I assure you that it isn’t easy, but it was possible only because I shared a great marriage (and a deep love) with Cathy. If I wasn’t blessed by her love and friendship for so many years I know that my heart would’ve been hardened against ever loving again. I wouldn’t have been able to “grow a new heart”. It was only because we were loved (Gina and I) that we are able to love again. (If that sounds familiar, check out  1 John 4:19) Gina and I were blessed to have spouses that loved us completely, both in life and in death.

The song is an extraordinary example of what I mean. I just had to share it.

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3 thoughts on “I’ll Be Here

  1. Try to imagine not feeling sorrow for love lost, an indifference. Instead it is so painful you question your ability to endure it; and, it does not abate; it consumes you. Eventually, pain relents; you are liberated through your endearment; love remains and is content to love still, even more.

    Love was lost on that cross. 1Jn. 4:19 indeed.

    All our emotional being is in His image. Oh how blessed we really are.