Good Word for the Day: Jan 14, 2012

The “new self”, the “new you” that God has in store is not an “extreme makeover.” In fact it’s nothing like a makeover. You see, no matter how stunningly different health and beauty professionals create of our outside, unless the soul is changed from the inside – what remains is the very same person.
The “new self” the Bible speaks about is more like a massive old building imploding from precisely placed explosive charges detonated at the same time. There’s a death of the old that now lies crumbled in dust and pieces. Then a new structure is erected, deeply fastened in the bedrock; built to sway in storms, but not crumble. Even if it looks like the old building, it is completely new. This is the new you in Christ. (Eph 4.24) To find out how to live in the new you, visit me at

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