ABC Family? Really?

Yesterday started like most days, with a rush to get kids out the door on time for school. We have two waves of school bell races. Our two oldest kids walk out the door at 6:40am to catch the school bus two blocks from our house. The younger three kids leave the house around 8:30am and are driven to school (usually by the Mom Taxi) because we have no option for a bus. The road we live on divides the school districts and we sit on the wrong side of that line for our kids to qualify for bus transportation. Bummer! Small price to pay, however, for a wonderful Christian education. I mention all this because today my husband generously offered to drive the kids and I took him up on his offer. This gave me time to hop on the elliptical machine we have in our basement for a quick workout before the workday begins.

My usual workout routine is to turn on the TV while cleaning up the kid’s mess from the night before (or from the previous week, depending on how long it’s been since I worked out). Most often the television is left on either a sports channel or a kids network. Today it was on ABC Family and what I saw really irked me!

Now, I’m no Reverend Wildmon. I’m not ready to start a campaign to ban all sponsors of ABC Family, but today I was angry by what I saw and heard on this so-called “family” network.

It was 8:30am, the corner of the screen read “ABC Family”, the show was “What I Like About You” starring Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth, and the conversation was about pornography. It’s a little early for this kind of talk on MTV, let alone ABC Family!

Three women were sitting at the kitchen table. Holly (Amanda Bynes) was talking about what she was going to be able to do when she finally turns 18 and officially becomes an adult. She was telling her older sister, and guardian, Valerie, (Jennie Garth) she could order porn any time she wanted and no one could stop her. She added that she could even star in porn if she wanted. The third woman at the table said something like, “Oh, you don’t want to do that! The places they film porn are filthy!” The implication being, she’s been in those places. She goes on to talk about the “nakeds” walking around and eating food and leaning into the fridge while naked.

I’m no prude, but can someone please give me a break at 8:30 in the morning on a family network? Who’s programming this nonsense (changed the word there to keep it a family show… see, it’s easy!!)? They also have a show called “10 Things I Hate About You.” I’ve never seen it. I likely never will. But why you gotta be haters, ABC Family? What I really mean to say is why you gotta claim to be a family network?

What is so difficult about programming suited for family audiences and appropriate time periods? I’d prefer these shows to clean up their act, but that may be too much to hope for. Porn jokes are an easy laugh… a cheap, easy laugh. But I prefer real humor. You know, something actually funny that doesn’t have me reaching for the remote to avoid answering the question “What’s porn?” from my 10-year old. Soon enough we’ll have that talk! Don’t rush me ABC Family!

I’m guessing most people reading this will be in agreement, but there will likely be a handful of dissenters. I’d love to hear from you. I want someone to tell me how I am wrong about this.

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6 thoughts on “ABC Family? Really?

  1. I don’t have kids, and I don’t watch ABC Family. I watch home improvement shows, cooking shows…after that there is nothing on TV (wasted money for Dish Network). We basically got Dish because my hubby likes “white noise”. He can’t stand a quiet house. When he goes to work on Saturday, there is no TV and I only listen to KLOVE on the radio. Bottom line…I feel your pain. And sorry, you are not wrong. ;-)

  2. Constant vigilance! I’m joking but I’m not. It is our God given job to protect our children’s hearts and minds and protecting them from the media is a full time job! I really don’t understand the network’s agenda but they clearly have one and it isn’t the same as mine.

  3. You can Google ABC, NBC and CBS to send a letter of complaint. You can find out who the advertisers are and write the advertisers to tell them You will Not be Purchasing their Product any longer and you will make a mission to tell everyone you know why. I did this after a scene on Glee. I refuse to watch Glee again. I wrote advertisers and gave them a piece of my mind and also the network. You have to make a Point to sit down and write Complaints or Things will never Change or GEt Better. I am tuned in to America Pickers. You will be amazed at all their advertisers. Good Show. Seems most products of good companies know where to put their bets on Better Clean Shows.
    I am off my SoapBox Now. thank you

  4. Gina & Michael,
    We agree 110% …We have 4 grandchildren,
    who Marti and I, love very much.
    We are upset with all this.
    Shame on Networks and Local Stations
    which I come from. They have the
    responsiblity to “Police” this….and they don’t…..just the big bucks.
    Let’s never give up…it’s our air waves
    not their’s.
    God Bless,
    Jim — A “Helping Angel”

  5. It really stinks that our kids are being exposed to so many things these days. TV is all about shock value. Scares me to think what it will take my 13 year old to be shocked with when he turns 18!