The New Day

A poem of hope and encouragement for anyone stuck in the struggle of the moment. I originally wrote this for Michael, long before we were married, at a time when we were both in the midst of finding our way out of the dark. I’d love to know how it resonates with you, in the midst of your “now”.

The New Day

With each new day comes opportunity
to apply wisdom gained by circumstance.

You learn that character isn’t developed in the planning
but in the response.

And regardless of the storm
there is one guarantee for safe arrival, faith.

You learn that this temporal existence has eternal purpose
and home is not where you live, home lives in you.

You learn that clock-watching is for the lonely and petulant
and beauty is timeless.

After awhile you learn that gracefully, joyfully receiving what’s given
is the greatest gift you can give in return.

When night falls and darkness prevails,
you learn it’s a matter of time
before your senses ignite
and negative space gives way to light.

You learn to move along because the meantime doesn’t exist.

And after awhile you learn it’s okay to “take the walk”,
the unexpected gift that guarantees this time you won’t strike out.

With each new dawn you learn to sing a new song,
a medley of stillness, quiet and work
balanced with dancing, laughter and play
with the rhythm and cadence a given day will compose.

After a long winter you plant a new garden
and watch it become glorious, vibrant and fruitful.

And you learn that you didn’t grow it, you loved it.

Renewal comes.
And you begin to live like there’s no tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “The New Day

  1. Thank you so much for this poem and for sharing your story with the rest of us. I am currently reading “The Color of Rain” and I have laughed, cried, been angry and been amazed at the selflessness of your respective spouses. I hope to meet you all in heaven one day; and my wish is to meet your family here on earth. But, if it has to wait til haven then I will wait. Praying and loving you in Charlotte, NC.

  2. thank you for this beautifully written poem. i have read it several days in a row and appreciate it more each time. it is helping me to see fully what is in this moment and season of my life. xo