He Said: Tuesday, October 25

I hate when it rains in the morning here in Detroit. I like to run outside before breakfast. The treadmills and elliptical machines of the world just aren’t the same.

  • We’ve been doing a lot of flying lately. Gina mentioned off-handedly, “There’s nothing but misery in airports!” I agree. Here is an article about “unruly passengers” being removed from planes. The interesting thing for me is reading the LONG comment section. There is NOT ONE comment in favor of the airlines. Not one! What other industry has such a poor reputation?
  • Growing number of kids getting high from “bath salts” – not the kind you find at Bed Bath & Beyond. Parents should know about this and add this to the list of vocabulary you are listening for in your teenagers conversation, texts and Facebook posts.
  • I always thought LaRussa was just phoning it in!
  • Received a notice from the local public library that our oldest had an overdue book and that a fine was now owed. Reminded me of a classic Seinfeld moment…
  • Lastly, basketball coach Bobby Knight is 71 years old today. He is the winningest coach in NCAA history, including four national titles, coached the last team to go undefeated (in 1976!) and he never had one losing season in 45 years of coaching. Throw a chair at someone in his honor.

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