He Said: Monday, October 24

Finally home after a whirlwind two weeks of “book tour” around the country. We did some media that was live and some that won’t be on the air for a couple of weeks. A great adventure to be sure. Now it’s great to be home!
  • We are on “Kresta in the Afternoon” today at 4:35 PM Eastern. It airs on 160 stations throughout the country plus Sirius Satellite. Here in Detroit it is on 990AM WDEO.
  • Wednesday we’ll be speaking at the Thrivent Member and Guest event in Troy, MI. It is free but requires confirmed reservations. Contact your local Thrivent representative for details.
  • It’s not a “classic” yet, but it’s turning into one darned good series. Our friend Dennis Rainey form Family Life was at Game 1 in St. Louis. He loves the Cardinals. As a Chicago Cubs fan I can only love the sinner but hate the sin! Good luck Dennis.
  • Good folks at The Today Show had Gina and I back for a visit on the couch to talk about The Color of Rain. The vibe is way different on the weekend version than the Monday morning show. Loved our time there both occasions.
  • While we were in NY, Gina and I wandered down to Little Italy. Felt like I was walking through a set on a De Niro movie. Thanks to our friend Marty Shelata for recommending Angelo’s on Mulberry St. I almost fell to my knees when I tasted the meatballs.
  • The Occupy Wall Street movement has been getting a lot of headlines lately. I am hard-pressed to find anyone who can explain to me what it is these people want. Jeff Carter has a nice piece about the it over on PointsAndFigures.com

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