The Color of Rain Excerpt: Life Is Good

The following excerpt is from Chapter 10 (“Life Is Good”) of The Color of Rain by Michael & Gina Spehn. The book is written in dual, first person voices alternating between Michael & Gina.

Life Is Good is written by Michael.

Cathy had a great sense of “as it should be” and, through the years, taught me a lot about that. While I had spent much of my life looking for perfect, Cathy showed me how to look for what was right. It was effortless for her. She believed that God had a plan for us and, while we may not know it, want it, or agree with it, it was real and most of all, it was right.

I learned to trust Cathy’s instinct on the morning of September 11, 2001, the day our son Dan was born. When the sad events of that day became apparent, it occurred to me that my new baby would be tarnished with this God-awful event forever. “Day of evil” the newspapers called it and it would follow my son on every birthday for the rest of his life. As I drove back to the hospital later that morning, I came up with a plan.

“I think I can fix this,” I told Cathy when I arrived. “I’m sure Dr. McClellen will agree to my plan.”

Cathy was calm as ever. “What plan?”

“Danny was born only an hour into the day. I think I can convince the doctors to change his birth date to September 10.”

Cathy never flinched.

“No, MJ,” she said firmly, as she held our newborn son in her arms. “This boy is the only good thing that happened today.”

I thought she didn’t understand me, as though her being in the hospital kept her from knowing the full awfulness of what was going on. “Cath, they’re calling this the worst day in American history!” I was adamant. But I was wrong.

“I do understand,” she said holding Danny just a little closer. “If he is the only light that came into this world on a very dark day then that is what’s meant to be. I don’t know why God chose to send him to us on this day, but I do know that we aren’t changing a thing. This isn’t our plan—it’s His.”

That was her gift. Cathy could see the righteousness in imperfect things. I wanted to fix it. Fix God’s plan! Can you imagine? She saw the folly in that. Although this plan of His wasn’t perfect to us, she was certain that it was right.

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