Old Man Fergus Gets a Little Older

I have a running joke with my kids. Every once in a while I hike my pants way up high and put a scowl on my face. I pretend to be “Old Man Fergus” and, with an cranky old man voice, I chase after my kids yelling, “Get outta my yard!” They love it, though it’s starting to make me a little uncomfortable. I’m realizing that, actuarially speaking, I’m closer to that guy than I am to the buffed out hunk I am in my delusions!

The year of my birth was 1962 and the world was significantly different than it is today. My mother smoked Parliament Soft Pack cigarettes in the labor and delivery room as she endured hours of labor. Later in life I would use this as my excuse why I turned out only 5’10″ tall and never got that D-1 basketball scholarship I dreamed about!

Reflecting on 49 years of life is not as easy as it sounds. Used to be remembering certain “times” was difficult. Now whole decades seem murky. My 20′s grow more distant every year. That’s a shame. I’m pretty sure I had some good times then. Oh well. That’s what Kodak cameras were for. (Remember those?)

Sometimes I ponder the world my children will know when they reach my age. I hope I can see it. First a look back…

In 1962:

  • Gas was 28 cents a gallon
  • Tuition at Harvard cost $1,520 a year
  • Avg Home Cost was $12,500
  • US Postage stamp cost 4 cents
  • The Beatles hadn’t even arrived in the US yet
  • The very first satellite, Telstar, was launched into space
  • The very first Nike shoe was developed

These things did not exist when I was born:

  • Cable TV
  • Answering machines
  • Microwave ovens
  • Calculators
  • Personal computers
  • Internet
  • Voice mail
  • Email
  • Remote controls for TVs
  • Airport security
  • The Tonight Show
  • The Super Bowl
  • Zip Codes

That last one really got me. I was born before there were Zip Codes! I better go to bed. Old guys like me need to get their sleep.

Here’s to 49 more…

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6 thoughts on “Old Man Fergus Gets a Little Older

  1. Jean…
    I should have been specific. Telstar was the first active communications satellite that transmitted TV images.
    Thanks for the correction. I will be more accurate going forward! : )

  2. I have to correct you on one item. The very first satellite was Sputnik launched by Russia way back circa 1957. The Russians beat us into space, and that began the race to who could get to the moon first. I’m old enough to be your Mom. :)

  3. That was good!
    Happy Birthday and ALL God’s Blessings in the year before the ‘biggie’! We gonna PARTY!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Michael! May I say in person you seem to look a little younger than you do this picture.
    You kind of resemble Andy Rooney but you have another 43 years to go before you can retire as he is this year. So keep that chin up young man if you can and remember your doing great work for god and all you come in contact with.