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We had a big disappointment Thursday. After eight hours in the airport, we were not able to make our flight to Ethiopia due to inclement weather in Chicago (one of our stops along the way). There was a lot of additional anxiety wrapped into the evening.

Since we couldn’t get out Thursday, we missed our opportunity to meet our son’s birth family over the weekend before we pick him up on Monday. This was devastating because we wanted to not only gather as much information for him, but we also wanted to give the family whatever they needed so they could heal.

Getting the flight rescheduled was looking pretty hopeless. Since two airlines were involved, no one was taking responsibility. If we were not able to reschedule so that we could arrive in Addis by July 4, we would miss our embassy date and would likely have to reschedule our trip for August.

Our luggage was temporarily lost. The airline thought they had sent it on to Ethiopia, which would mean it would be long gone before we arrived. This in of itself was not a big deal, but we had gathered some very special things for our son, and it was upsetting to think he would not receive them.

We kept reminding ourselves that none of our troubles were a surprise to God.  He is in our midst and was and is in control then and now. We are currently sitting in the airport awaiting “take two” of our trip.  Reading Tracy’s journal entry to our son, below, also helped put things in perspective:

Friday, July 1

Today I am sitting alone having lunch wishing I was on a plane to Addis Ababa.

Daddy and I were supposed to fly out last night and arrive in Addis late on July 1st. But, there were bad storms in Chicago and we could not fly out of Detroit into Chicago to pick up our plane to Istanbul, Turkey and then Addis. So, now we must wait until tomorrow to leave and pick you up.

We were supposed to travel to the southern part of Ethiopia to where you were born and to meet some of the members of your birth family. We are no longer able to take that trip. There is not enough time. We are sad for both them and us. We really wanted to meet them, take pictures for you, ask questions, answer theirs, but mostly to tell them we wouldn’t even be there, or even have met you, if it weren’t for JESUS. HE is the reason we even know what love is.

But, the most important part of the trip will still occur. YOU! We get to pick you up from the orphanage on July 4th – your ‘Gotcha Day’ and become your ‘Forever Family’.

Everyone is excited to meet you, especially Riley, John and Benjamin. So many friends, family and even strangers have been praying for you. It’s crazy to think that just one week from today you will be sleeping in your new home, in your own bed with your big brother right above you in his bunk.

Counting down the days…


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