Karen Yates Live from Uganda

It isn’t often a guy sitting in the comforts of suburban Michigan picks up the phone and speaks to someone in Africa. Last week I had the opportunity to do just that – twice. The first call kind of didn’t count as it was merely a test call to make certain the phone lines would work properly. The second call took place live on the air when Gina and I interviewed Karen Yates from Amazima Ministries live in Jinja, Uganda.

We have written in this space often about the miraculous work being done by the extraordinary group at Amazima led by 22 year old Katie Davis. Click on the Tag Cloud in the left sidebar to find posts about Amazima. Suffice to say it was a special treat to be able to speak live with someone on the ground in Africa to give us a sense of the sights and sounds, and to offer a first-hand account of daily life there and how the grace of God can be found in even the most remote areas of the world.

Below we have the Karen Yates interview in its entirety. (In 2 parts) We also hope you will link over to Amazima’s web site and consider supporting what they do.





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