Ear Regardless

If you’ve ever used a word processing program in the last decade you are aware of that little red line that magically appears under words you have misspelled. If you are a user of the program Word,, you will also be familiar with the little green line that indicates you have used improper grammar. These tools have become indispensable in our workplace lives and have saved many of us from making fouls of ourselves… er, I mean, fools of ourselves.

Wouldn’t it be great if that little red line could somehow work its magic as we speak as well? Can you imagine that app?! Just before our brains let the thought out of our mouths, the little red line appears to tells us, “There’s no such word as the one you’re about to use.”

Misuse of words is one of my pet peeves. We all know someone who butchers the language, while at the same time, believing that he is actually impressing those around him with his intellect. Within the last few weeks I have heard college educated people use the words “Alumnis”, “Conversate”, “Worshipful”, “Intensive purposes” and of course the classic, “Irregardless”. Makes me want to go out and by these people Rosetta Stone English!

There is one person in my life right now who uses the word “lifes”. Not lives. Lifes. As in, “Our lifes will be shaped by the decisions we make…” Every time I hear this, I become distracted. I wince and tilt my head like a dog that has just heard a screeching noise. I struggle with whether I should say something to him. He is actually a public speaker, someone who commands a great deal of respect. Surely I can’t be the only one who hears this. Should I tell him, or should I let it go? Which is “better”, which is more Christian, more loving, more proper…?

Your assistance is much appreciativated!

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5 thoughts on “Ear Regardless

  1. I am the last person to claim perfection in either speaking or writing! I do, however, desire to improve as I get older. I remember learning for the first time, the difference between imply and infer – and I was about 30 years old at the time! I was so grateful that this person pointed this out to me. I had been using it incorrectly all of my life.

    You’re right about things like this becoming “trademarks” of sorts. Norm Crosby and Yogi Berra made careers out of malaprops!

  2. I’m pretty sure I know who you’re talking about… It’s very difficult offering anyone “constructive criticism” of any kind. I recently commented on the way somebody did a presentation (always with their back to the audience), carefully relaying comments that others made to me about it…and I could see that it wasn’t well received (body language). They may not be able or choose not to change…and that’s their choice, I guess. It may be wrong grammatically, but it’ll probably become that individual’s “trademark”…it’s become a topic in a blog….well, there you go! I’m almost afraid to post this….are you going to outline my choppy sentences or something?!?! LOL!!!

  3. That’s what I’ve done up to now. The other thing to consider is… If I was the one butchering the language (in a public forum) I’d want someone to point it out to me.

  4. My vote is “let it go”. It’s overall significance is minimal and it has potential to bring some resentment into both of your lifes.
    (Sorry…it was too easy).

  5. It is similar to my gripe when I win all the quarters from the kids for “me and dad” did this or that….