A Step Closer…

The court date for our son’s birth family took place today in Addis Ababa. As this date approached, there was some build up of anxiety because this is another moment in which things could come unhinged. However, today we received joyful news. An answer to our prayers.

We received some additional, unexpected information that caused squeals of delight to come out of Tracy’s mouth and Bill’s eyes to water (from other than seasonal allergies). In brief, the Ministry of Womens Affairs in Ethiopia (MOWA) is required to write a letter of approval for all adoptions. We had been notified by our social worker to expect a considerable delay in the wait for this letter (up to a year) because of recent changes in how the Ethiopian government processes adoption applications. We were not even expecting to have this crucial document prepared in time for our court date on May 23rd.  BUT, the coveted letter was already presented to the court today!

What does this mean?  We are that much closer to bringing our son home. We still have to wait for paperwork related to birth certificate, passport, etc. that will follow the official approval of our court appointment. But, hopefully 4-8 weeks following our court date, he will be meeting his three new brothers for the first time;  Discovering he has a dog, a swing-set, and his own bunk bed in a colorful new room.

The news about the MOWA letter was very much unexpected. We were stunned and in awe. Shame on us. We pray to God only half expecting for Him to answer our prayers, and when He does we are surprised. Thank God for His goodness and mercy!


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5 thoughts on “A Step Closer…

  1. We are all praying for you in the Big Easy that you have a safe journey and your court date goes well. I can’t imagine the anticipation of meeting your son!

    Tons of love!

  2. I am so happy for you and proud to be your sister!! I can’t wait to hug him!!

  3. I am overjoyed for your whole family!!!!! I can’t wait to meet him!!!! God’s blessings to you all!!!__