Radio Show Wrap-up April 30, 2011

Great Morning Roundtable this week. Dr. Dana Ewles lead off with a timely report on proper sun protection. SPF 15 + for everyone (more if you are the fair-skinned type like Michael!). No direct sun exposure for babies under 15 months. Use creams rather than sprays when possible and cover up even when it is cloudy!

Jeff Carter was next, talking about ways to spot mis-managed companies without looking at their balance sheets. His list of Ten Ways to Spot Mismanaged Companies is linked here. go >
Also, I love Jeff’s “Saturday Breakfast Links” feature on his blog, go >

Pastor Karl finished up the Roundtable with an inspiring story about a Chicago couple who have created a ministry in Cambodia. Their web site is called go >
(By the way, the Good Word of the Day today was, “Layover”… call in next week with the answer and you win your choice of anything in our prize vault!)

Gina presented her Memory Verse, chosen this week in honor of the Royal Nuptials in England (the verse was her sister Tara’s as well. It is from Romans 12:9-12 (Gina will post the entire verse and her thoughts in a post shortly. Check out all of Gina’s Memory Verses here… go >

Finally, we presented a pre-recorded interview with Karen Moyer, co-founder of The Moyer Foundation and wife of MLB player, Jamie Moyer. The Moyer Foundation serves children in distress all over the country and has created Camp Erin, a summer camp for grieving children. Visit their web site here. go >

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