A New (Online) Home

Welcome! This web site has been in the works for many months now and like all new homes, it still has some rooms that are empty or need sprucing up. We will be filling these areas up quickly over the next few days and weeks and we are looking for your feedback as we do.

The blog is up and running however and we hope that the new look and functionality will encourage you to comment, FB “like”, re-tweet, etc., wildly and with abandon!

At the left of this blog is a list called “Categories”. This serves as a menu of choices that will present the blog posts of that category only. Hover your mouse over each category to see a detailed description. Also, you can click on either Michael or Gina’s name to see only the posts that they authored. Finally, at the left bottom are the most popular posts. These are the blog posts that received the most comments so far.

On the home page of this site you will see several images that rotate. Each of these is clickable and will take you inside the site to a specific page. The top right (in orange) you can enter your email to receive a free monthly newsletter. In the footer area, there is a live feed from Twitter/@MichaelandGina as well as links to other important web sites.

If you click on the Radio Show button at the top you will see we have created individual sections for each of our segments on the show. Gina’s Memory Verse, Our Favorite Things, Digging Deeper, and of course, our Morning Roundtable group. Each of the Roundtable members has their own page where you can learn more about them, watch podcasts of their latest segments and even link over to their web sites and blogs.

That’s a quick overview for now. Visit often and tell your friends! We’re building the funnest house on the block!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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