Prayer in Public Schools

I am a basketball coach at a public school. At an away game last night, in the middle of the second quarter, there was a commotion in the stands. A young man, 16 years old, was having a seizure and was turning blue. The crowd was horrified and began shouting for a doctor. Luckily there was a doctor and an ER nurse (the mother of one of my players) in attendance and they immediately began to help.

The game was stopped of course, and the teams went into their locker rooms and the stands were cleared. When word reached our locker room that this was a serious situation, all of our players gathered together, held hands and prayed. Twelve athletes, 15 – 18 years old… public school kids in a public school setting. Praying for God’s blessings for a young man they didn’t know.

There is a cliche that many say when the conversation drifts to prayer in school: “As long as there are tests, there’s gonna be prayer in school!”

Whether or not prayer is a part of the curriculum in our schools, it is a part of our hearts, and souls… and that of our kids. I hope we continue to celebrate that.

The young man who had the seizure appears to be doing fine today. The game was eventually resumed. The scoreboard on the wall said our guys lost.

I disagree.

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