Jerry Sittser: The Interview

An Extraordinary Interview on Grief, Grace and the Question, “Why Me?”

On Saturday, Michael and Gina interviewed Jerry Sittser, author of the book, A Grace Disguised. Back in 1991, a drunk driver crashed head-on into a van carrying Jerry’s family. His mother, wife and daughter were all killed. Jerry was left with three children and a host of questions. Including, “Why me?”
In 1996, Jerry wrote A Grace Disguised, and extraordinary book dealing with loss and grief and faith. It is still available in hardcover and has been translated into more than 20 languages.

Please take the time to listen to this interview (presented below in two parts) and comment on it in the comments section. We would love to hear how God used irrevocable loss (death, job loss, divorce, etc.) to transform your life.

On Saturday, February 26, we will be playing clips from the interview and talking about our own experience with loss, as well as hearing from listeners.

To any callers who get on the air with us next Saturday,
we will be sending them a free hardcover copy of A Grace Disguised.

Lastly, please share this with anyone you think would be blessed from it. It has touched our lives in profound ways and we are privileged to bring it to our friends.

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2 thoughts on “Jerry Sittser: The Interview

  1. Just finished The Color of Rain. I cried, I laughed…then cried and cried some more. I have 3 cousins in various stages of disease. 1 has Pancreatic Cancer, 1 has Scleroderma and 1 has Kidney failure on the one he got from his son transplanted kidney that he got about 4-5 yrs. ago.
    I came looking for info on how to better prepare for the impending loss of a loved one. Your book is an incredible resource for those who have already lost a loved one, but how does one prepare themselves and family for the Loss? It seems that Matt’s videos allowed him to better prepare himself, allowing him it process his loss and the grief attached to not being their for his family. I’m confident that those videos will guide the boys as they grow older. But when you are in the middle of all that is swirling around something as time consuming as terminal cancer…how does one find the time and the strength to gather loved one’s close and prepare themselves for what so often becomes the inevitable?
    God’s Speed!

  2. This book is a profound blessing to any who pick it up and read it. I encourage everyone wot share it with anyone who has suffered loss.