Groundhogs, Two Kinds of Hammitt, and an Afternoon Roundtable

Filling in as guest hosts for Paul Edwards on his show (4:00 – 6:00 PM weekdays) was a privilege. Thanks to Paul for letting us fill his seat for the day.

Michael began talking about Groundhog Day and its origins, until “Hammett”, who texts us during the show with questions and comments, chimed in with this editorial: “Michaels a nerd!” There is more and you can listen on the video below…

Matt Hammitt (no relation to our mad text-er “Hammett”!) is the lead singer and songwriter for the Christian rock group, Sanctus Real and he joined Michael and Gina live from his home in Ohio. Listen to the interview in two parts below…
Colleen Schomaker, Co-Founder of Hearts of Hope
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