She liked scary movies and Cookie Dough ice cream, symphonies and head banging rock (she would imitate Wayne from Wayne’s World when Bohemian Rhapsody came on the radio.) She had a singing voice best suited for lullabies, not concert halls… an aversion to public speaking and a keen eye for BS. She loved food but didn’t eat much. A can of Coke and anything chocolate was always nearby. She wanted to see the world, as long as it was together. Everywhere we went, she said “Let’s live here!” (I came to understand that it just meant that she was able to see the good wherever she went.) She didn’t know much about history (as the song goes) but loved to hear me talk about it. She didn’t climb Everest, paint oil on canvas or write poetry… no, her masterpieces would be her children, Charlotte, Jack and Daniel. Perfect in their imperfections, they remain astonishing expressions of their mother’s legacy: Life, Love, Laughter. They bring her to life for me each day and I will never be able to thank them, nor likely, explain it to them.

Somewhere during that last line, I realized that I was attempting the impossible: to describe a woman. She was quite a woman. And she blessed me with 15 + years of friendship, love, marriage, children… but most of all, laughter. You can’t possibly know how deeply we laughed together. The simplest, most trivial, intimate things made us giggle like children. It is that unbound joyfulness, that I wish for my kids as they grow and begin lifelong relationships.

Five years ago, to this moment, my love surrendered to the evil that doctors call glioblastoma multiforme. Some say God took her from us. I prefer to say that He gave her to us…

For way too short a time.

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8 thoughts on “Cathy

  1. Dear Mike and Gina. I have just read your book. I could not put it down. It could be our story, too, as we are a combined family, created by the same circumstances as yours 33 years ago. Our children have come to love and respect each other. Now my son has recently lost his young wife to cancer and he is struggling to raise his two young sons. I am recommending that he read your inspiring story. Thanks so mucn and God Bless you both!

  2. Where you and Gina are today is evidence of God bringing the two of you such wealth in two loves that tragically ended too soon. But, through that journey of sorrow. you met another soul who understood your loss, learned to support and love you, and united with you bringing two sets of children into ONE family. And, it this union inspired you to help and inspire others in Christian values and family living. What a ministry! HE does work in mysterious ways ..HIS will will be done-through

  3. I feel blessed to have known Cathy. She was a wonderful wife, mother, and friend to Kathy.Our prayers are with you and Gina.God has great things in store for you.Can't wait for the book.Love you both.

  4. Bravo!
    Eloquently written..pursue it.

    Never knew her, but sounds like someone I missed out on knowing.

    Bless you both!

    Shannon Nicita

  5. Thanks Lisa. "Liking" is the only choice – not just in Facebook world. Cath taught this old cynical dog about "Liking" more… still working on that!

  6. "Liking" this didn't seem appropriate. I was blessed by Cathy's friendship for too short a time as well. Love to you all on this day…