Someone Just Killed Rif

I am a conservative Christian and therefore I am supposed to abhor everything that comes from the “loony left” media. Automatically, I am expected to laugh and ridicule any notions whatsoever that emanate from the likes of Olbermann, Maddow, et al. These days it seems that the opposing reactions are in place and on the air even before the full thought is expressed. Even before someone on the right completes their sentence, or expresses their ideas in full detail, there is a negative reaction from those on the left.

And, by the way, vice versa.

There is a problem with these however. You see, every once in a while I agree with them. Every once in a while, I would bet, they agree with me (or my right-leaning friends). Unfortunately, the rhetoric has escalated in recent years to a point where we actually can’t agree with each other. We are not allowed to. If we agree with them, that means we might be wrong about something. And if we’re wrong about something, we fear that some may think us wrong about everything. And then we won’t win our elections, get renewed for our Tv show, or sell a million books on Amazon.

I have posted blogs on this before. This rise in temperature seems to be primarily a function of the increased need to thrill an ever thrill-hungry audience. Just as the rides at the theme parks are getting higher and faster, testing the very limits of the laws of physics, so too are the comments from TV and radio commentators and politicians (or candidates) themselves. Imagine Jerry Springer directing the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

All of this posturing and name-calleing can be fun. It gets the blood boiling and raises both ratings and campaign funds all in the name of the First Amendment and “spirited debate”. It’s Jets and Sharks. Sure we’re going to square off at the dance once in a while but mostly, nobody gets hurt.

Well someone just killed Rif.

There are many who wish to dismiss what happened in Arizona to the actions of a “nut” acting alone without any affiliation to any political party. That denial may allow them to sleep at night but I believe that Americans know the deeper truth. You simply don’t get to contribute to a climate of violence by constantly using violent metaphors, designing violent graphics for your web sites and dropping clever double entendre hints wrapped around the constitution (“people should use second amendment remedies…”) and then try to distance yourself from culpability when actual violence breaks out. This applies to right, left, moderates… Everyone.

In this politically charged climate, I am identified as a conservative Christian. But I am also a father and yesterday A NINE YEAR OLD GIRL WAS KILLED! No political campaign, no piece of legislation, no best-selling book, is worth that. Not now, not ever. We have to take responsibility for the environment we create. We must. Period.

Below is a video clip from… gasp!, the left. I happen to agree with it. I hope that doesn’t make me a traitor to my faith, political ideals, or country.

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2 thoughts on “Someone Just Killed Rif

  1. I agree 100%. None of the "talking heads" have limited, if any interest in the actual ideals they preach. IT'S MONEY….it always is money, always has been money, and always will be money. They form these "buckets" and want everyone to belong in a bucket. That's so we take sides, and when you take sides, you become more and more competitive against the other side….and….guess what ? You begin to LISTEN and WATCH the bucket cheer brigade…ie: The talking heads. That extra watching is ratings, and THAT is money for the talking heads.
    Bad, bad stuff. All of it. They all are nit-wits taking our valuable time and polluting our airwaves.
    Besides…Politics is brutally boring….run by BORING people.