SHOW #2 January 15, 2011


It was a tough drive in to the studio this week as a late night snowstorm hit Detroit Friday night. Michael asks the question, “Has anybody seen a snow plow yet this year?”

Michael told Gina about a new category of parent, “The Tiger Mother”. Ultra strict, these parents are hyper focused on the success of their children. Gina concluded that this was a style of parenting that was not for her. Decide for yourself… Read More Here

Gina’s Morning Memory Verse
Gina, in her first “test” of Gina’s Morning Memory Verse, got it mostly right. Michael delivered a too-harsh grade of B- !
Our Featured Guest
Author Kristin Feola (The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast) was the featured guest this week. She told us about fasting and the hows and whys of the Daniel Fast.

The Morning Roundtable
Dr. Dana talked about the recent exposure that the study in 1998 linking autism and childhood vaccinations has been proven not only false but is it also alleged to be fraudulent. Here is a great article on the subject: The end of the autism/vaccine debate.

Additional Web sites recommended by Dr. Dana for good information:,, www.healthychildren.comBottom Line: Childhood vaccinations are safe & necessary.

Jeff Carter ( was next talking about “inevitable inflation”. He explained why it was inevitable and what families could do to lessen the impact. Bottom Line: Prepare for much higher food prices (buy in bulk if you can) and, if your child is within a year or two of college, consider locking in tuition now.

Pastor Karl ( called in from Florida with a story that emerged from the one year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. A girl, trapped in the rubble, lost both arms and is now reaching out to help other handicapped people in her country. In doing so she is finding purpose, faith and direction in her life. Bottom Line: It is only by turning toward God and others that you are able to discover your “new day”.

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