Highlights from January 22, 2011


This week’s show was packed full. Starting with a new theme song, literally called “New Song” it will open our show from now on.

Michael and Gina talked about how watching TV with your kids these days is difficult with the amount of inappropriate material being shown. MTV has a new show called Skins that is coming close to child pornography or at least exploitation. Here is a follow up article about advertisers pulling their commercials from Skins. Click here to view.

Michael and Gina recommend using a web site that reviews media (TV show, songs, movies, etc.) especially for parents. www.CommonSenseMedia.org

Hear the conversation in the video below…

Gina presented her second Morning Memory Verse (see blog entry by Gina below). Next week Michael will once again quiz Gina live. Michael and Gina welcomed their first callers to their show – Melissa from Auburn Hills and Myrna from Sarasota Florida (listening on the Internet at www.FaithTalk1500.com). These first callers to the show were rewarded with free copies of the book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast by Kristin Feola (last week’s guest). Michael had a commentary on the passing of Sargent Shriver and the fact that “these are the kinds of people who used to run for office – people of accomplishment…” Of course, Gina had a comeback for this.

To listen, watch the video below…

The Morning Roundtable began with Jeff Carter (www.PointsAndFigures.com) talking about what it is like to be a trader in the trading pits. He also talks about the National World War II Museum (Jeff serves on the board of the museum) in New Orleans.

To hear Jeff’s segment watch the video below…

The Roundtable continued with Pastor Karl coming to us live from Branson, MO. He tells us the story of Grace Revealed in an unlikely place – the airport.

To hear Pastor Karl’s story of Grace Revealed watch the video below…

Finally on the Roundtable Dr. Dana talks about strep throat and the importance of recognizing it and how to distinguish strep from a simple soar throat.

To hear Dr. Dana, watch this video below…

John Eckrich, Executive Director of Grace Place Ministries. To learn more about Grace Place, please visit them at www.GracePlaceRetreats.org

We welcome our first in-studio guest, DeWayne Wells, president of Gleaner’s Food Bank of SE Michigan. Also, the Morning Roundtable, Gina gets quizzed on her Memory Verse plus YOUR CALLS! 866-423-9578 (WLQV) 

PLUS… Wednesday, February 2, we are filling in for Paul Edwards from 4:00 – 6:00 PM on WLQV FaithTalk 1500. Two hours of Your Family Matters!

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