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It’s just about over now. The signs in the yard, the robo calls in the middle of dinner, the hackneyed cliche-ridden drivel on TV. “Obamacare, I am not a witch, the stimulus, flip-flopped, playing the race card, out of touch, being a maverick, change, change you can believe in, hope, hope you can believe in, in it to win it, game changer, spin zones, throw them under the bus, bailouts and takeovers…” ad nauseam.

Missing from the din has been anyone actually engaging in democratic debate. I’m not speaking of those staged self-parodying beauty pageants that pass for “debates” on TV these days. I mean an honest exchange of moral and ethical beliefs.

Recently, I came across the following video. It will require 19 minutes of your time. That’s a lot to ask these days. It’s likely you won’t have that kind of time today, or even tomorrow. So I will keep this up for a while and hope you come back one Saturday morning after your workout, or on a lazy snow day when you might have an extra few minutes.

The speaker is Dr. Michael Sandel, a Harvard professor who teaches a course called “Justice”. He was a Rhodes Scholar receiving his doctorate from Oxford. Dr. Sandel also served in the George W. Bush administration on the President’s Council on Bioethics.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this…


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