Grace Place Wellness Ministries

Several years ago I was speaking at a conference in Milwaukee (along with partner Rev. Dr. Karl Galik) presenting “First Manage Yourself Well” to a large group of Christian church workers. In the audience that weekend was a man named Dr. John Eckrich. He invited Karl and I to have lunch with him and so a (hopefully) life-long friendship was born.
We learned that Dr. Eckrich was Executive Director of Grace Place, a non-profit service organization dedicated to provided wellness retreats for church workers and their families.
Church workers are care-givers and their vocational and personal lives revolve around giving care to others. Often this leads to stress and burnout, congregational conflict and an early departure from ministry.
At week-long Grace Place Retreats, church workers and their spouses are able to take a “pause point” in their lives, relationships and their ministry. This can lead to a renewal that gets them closer to the word of God and back on the path in healthy service to their parish.
It has been my privilege to know Dr. Eckrich for these past several years and to witness his retreats first hand. These are good people doing noble work. I hope you will support them.


Dr. John Eckrich is scheduled to be a guest on NEW DAY RADIO with Mike and G in January, 2011.
Check back soon for the specific date.

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