Do You Want to Know?

Original Air Date: 01/21/2012

If your spouse cheated on you more than 20 years ago, (or 30 or 40!!) would you want to know? And if you found out, how would you respond?

On “He Said/G Said”, Gina states that she does not want to know. “What is served, what good can come from this?” Michael, on the other hand, definitely want to know. “There is no such thing as ‘too much information’. If it happened I want to know about it.”

Author and licensed counselor, Leslie Vernick joined the show for the second segment. Her clients over the years have chosen both paths. She definitely does not agree with keeping secrets.

Love Atrophy

Leslie Vernick went on to talk about “Love Atrophy” when couples seem to become bored in their relationship. Unreasonable expectations often lead those couples to simply separate. She offers couples the following things to do if they feel like their drifting apart:

  • Listen Carefully. One of the best gifts we can give someone we love is our full attention.
  • Love Intentionally. Sometimes we don’t feel like acting lovingly. We should be intentionally loving toward our spouse during these times as well.
  • Have Fun. Silly, little moments together go a long way toward building intimacy.

    For more from Leslie Vernick visit her Web site here.

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